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Earlobe repair in Boca Raton is a form of cosmetic plastic surgery intended to repair earlobes that have become torn or enlarged over time.

Give your skin a week or two to heal and repair itself. Then resume with a lighter exfoliant. Dr Tanzi recommends testing the cream in front of the ear or on the jawline, right under the earlobe, f.

Surgical Repair of Torn Earlobe About the Procedure Earlobe Repair and Reduction procedures repair torn and overstretched earlobes, as well as reduce the natural size of the earlobe.

Earlobe repair can be performed as an immediate medical response to a torn piercing, similar to the way any injury would be sutured in an effort to promote optimum healing. ear gauging repair requires somewhat different steps, but is performed with the same intention in mind: to restore integrity to the earlobes again.

Earlobe repair takes about 20 minutes per ear. Cost for earlobe repair and repiercing (for a single, uncomplicated tear) is $425 for one ear and $725 for both ears. Earlobe reduction, repair of multiple earlobe tears, and repair of gauged earlobes are also available, though these are more involved procedures and have addition costs.

If you have torn or stretched earlobes, you can benefit from earlobe repair in Houston with Dr. Norris in Houston. This procedure is necessary when patients experience accidents or have worn large, heavy earrings for a long time. For a plastic surgeon, earlobe repair in Houston is a simple procedure.

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Earlobe Repair. You may have stretched and even damaged your earlobes by wearing heavy, dangling earrings. Or you may have torn an earlobe in an accident, or gotten a keloid scar as a result of a simple ear piercing.

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Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure that reverses these complications and restores the natural appearance of the ear. Whether your earlobe has been damaged due to piercings, gauges or some sort of trauma or injury, our staff at aesthetic specialty centre can repair damaged earlobes and restore your ears’ natural appearance.

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Earlobe repair is a common procedure to improve the physical appearance of a person’s earlobe that may be disfigured due to trauma, ear piercings or a genetic deformity.

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