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Cardi B’s Butt Injection Story Is a Reminder of How Dangerous Illegal Cosmetic Surgery Can Be

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A woman who received buttock implants developed a deadly lymphoma, the same form of cancer previously linked to textured breast implants, surgeons at the University of Southern California said. The Fo.

The photos of a woman’s botched butt injections will make you think twice before getting plastic surgery

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So, Cardi says, she turned to a woman who gave her illegal butt injections in a basement apartment in Queens. "They don’t numb your a** with anything," she recalls.

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Before Cardi B was a rap superstar positioned comfortably in the nation’s highest tax bracket, she was a New York City girl on a budget, who wanted a figure that would help earn her more money.. In a new interview with GQ, Cardi told journalist caity weaver that four years ago, when she was working as a stripper, she paid $800 for illegal butt injections she got in a basement in Queens.

The singer became so ill she had to undergo two blood transfusions. “It’s the scariest thing in life, and I’m a tough girl,” she says.

"Oftentimes the patients don’t know exactly what’s been injected," says Dr. Wright A. Jones of black market butt injections. Cardi B is spilling even more news today, just hours after announcing.

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Gluteoplasty (Greek glouts, rump + plassein, to shape) denotes the plastic surgery and the liposuction procedures for the correction of the congenital, traumatic, and acquired defects and deformities of the buttocks and the anatomy of the gluteal region; and for the aesthetic enhancement (by augmentation or by reduction) of the contour of the buttocks.

Butt Injection Procedure. Sculptra Aesthetic can add volume to a small or deflated butt, and it can fill in cellulite dimples as well. The procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes to complete. First, a topical anesthetic is applied to the treatment area.